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    By David Crowther


    Did You Know?

    Using CadSHARE you can easily search for and Insert Drawing Blocks into any AutoCAD Drawing in your SharePoint repository.


    CadSHARE is a plugin tool for AutoCAD and allows you to store, retrieve, update and manage all your organisations AutoCAD Drawing Files in your SharePoint repository.

    To attach an Xref into an AutoCAD Drawing file within your SharePoint instance, choose the CadSHARE Open tool.


    The Open window will appear, listing the current AutoCAD Drawing files in each folder of your SharePoint instance.


    Select a DWG and open it into AutoCAD.


    From the CadSHARE ribbon choose the Dwg Xref tool.


    The select .dwg to attach window will now appear.


    Navigate to the folder in your SharePoint instance that contains the file to Insert. Left click on the name of the Drawing file in the list and choose > Select.


    The AttachDialog window will open which now allows you to choose how to attach the Dwg Xref into your current Drawing.


    Having selected your attachment parameters choose OK, and then in your Drawing file left click to define the insertion point for the attached Dwg Xref.


    The attached Dwg Xref is then attached into your current Drawing.


    If you choose Manage Xrefs, the External References Pane opens where you can view the attached Dwg Xref, check the properties and detach when and if required.


    The CadSHARE plugin therefore provides your users with a simple way to Attach Xrefs into their AutoCAD Drawing Files stored within SharePoint.