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    By Martin Phelps

    The “Dynamic Input” function is turned on by default, but if a custom template is being used to create new files, this command may have been turned off.

    Although my personal preference is to have “Dynamic Input” turned off most of the time during drawing production, certain commands can be enhanced by having “Dynamic Input” turned on, “Offset” can be of those functions.

    To check how to activate the “Dynamic Input” function see the previous blog, “Accessing “Dynamic Input” Function”, or follow the link below.


    1. The “Through” option.

    Once the “Offset” command is active, the “Through” option can be used as per the blog “Offset #2 – Specifying the offset Distance” or by following the link below.


    But with the “Dynamic Input” function turned on, as the “Offset” is being moved away from the original object, the distance between the two objects is shown in a dimensional box between the two, as shown in Figure 1.


    The distance value automatically and dynamically updates as the distance between the two items changes.

    Since the value is shown in the box, a value can be typed in to specify the required distance between the two.

    2. Using a Specific Value.

    When entering the required “Offset” value prior to selecting the object, which is the most common method of using the “Offset” command, once the object to “Offset” is selected the entered value appears between the two objects as shown in Figure 2.


    Since the “Offset” value is highlighted within the dimension box, a new value can be typed in which will override the previously set “Offset” distance.

    3. Using the “Multiple” Sub Option.

    Again the “Offset” value appears on screen, however the specified value cannot be overridden, since the value is not highlighted. Each time a new “Offset” is created, prior to confirmation of the location of the object the distance from the original object is displayed on screen, which is divisible by the initial set value, as shown in Figure 3.