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    By Florentina Stirbu


    Vault 2023 has been released, bringing various updates to the client, server and AutoCAD add-in. The Basic edition server can now be hosted on a Windows 11 PC.  A full list of the new features in this version is available in the Vault 2023 Help.

    Vault Gateway was developed for this release following the increased demand for remote working solutions. Users can access Vault without a VPN connection and essentially have no additional requirements – just as if they were in the office!

    Another enhancement that further eases collaboration is the new Markup tool – more details in this blog.

    The User interface has also been improved. Users can now switch between Dark, Light and old Classic themes in the Vault Options panel: 



    Column customisation is now available in more Vault dialogs (Change State, Change Revision, Change Category, Pack and Go, Synchronize Properties, Undo Check Out).

    Administration enhancements  include the ability to assign colours to lifecycle states making them easier to identify.

    Also, administrators can now configure a list of design files that are restricted to check in via the native application only. This means that files with the selected extension cannot be added to Vault by drag and drop IF "Enforce Restriction for Check in of Design Files" is turned on:


    The 2023 AutoCAD Vault add-in includes a couple of new commands : Show details and Go to Vault Folder.