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    By Garry Stockton

    Image Courtesy of Autodesk

    It’s that time of year again! Last week, Autodesk announced that Revit 2023 is rolling out globally. They are claiming improved performance, more productivity features seeded from the Autodesk requests forums, and smarter ways to work with data on the desktop and in the cloud.

    Below you will discover new features for Design productivity:

    • Measure in 3D
    • Pick a work plane
    • Save placement for work plane-based families
    • Duplicate material and its assets
    • Server path to material textures and decals
    • View reference search
    • Enable cutting in views
    • Additional cuttable categories
    • Temporary dimensions for shared nested families
    • Align couplers to create post-tensioning anchors
    • Reinforced concrete non-bearing partition walls
    • Updated AISC shape type tables
    • British rebar shapes update
    • Adaptive propagation for rebar
    • Library-based connection design automation
    • Cloud-hosted rebar display performance
    • Elevation parameter improvements
    • Elevation base options
    • Flip controls for fabrication parts
    • Elevation controls for fabrication parts
    • Performance with large selections
    • Optimised room performance
    • View performance
    • Performance for shape edited slabs
    • Performance when linking DWG files
    • Performance when copying large numbers of elements
    • Performance when loading items in Type Selector

    We are aware that not every user will benefit from the new features, however, there are some very good enhancements when using Revit on a day to day basis.