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    By Miles Nicholson


    In the 2023 release, there has been quite a number of new features, quality improvements and general enhancements which are detailed below.

    Signal Arrows Update

    Signal code now allows you to synchronise all source and destination arrows using the same signal code.


    Copy Project

    Copy Project has been enhanced to enable you to quickly copy an existing project including its support files (the previous method is still supported).



    A new key system (Catalog + Manufacturer + AssemblyCode) is introduced in this release to enhance the electrical BOM within Autodesk Vault.


    Markup Import and Markup Assist

    Markup Import and Markup Assist use machine learning to identify markups and provide a way to view and insert drawing revisions with less manual effort.


    Building on the initial release of the Trace feature, you can now create traces in desktop and contribute to traces created by others.


    You can now count instances of an object or blocks within a specified area.

    Floating Drawing Windows

    Continued improvements to floating drawing windows are included in this release.

    3D Graphics

    This release includes the new cross platform 3D graphics system, leveraging all the power of modern GPUs and multi-core CPUs to offer a smooth navigation experience for much larger drawings.

    2D Graphics Display

    This release of AutoCAD includes a new graphic engine, which provides a better display effect on some high-end GPUs.

    Sheet Set Manager for Autodesk Docs

    Manage sheet sets from Autodesk Docs using the new Sheet Set Manager for Web.

    Drawing and Layout Tabs

    Changes to the drawing and layout tabs make it easier to tell which drawing and layout is active. Changes also make it easier to see which drawing is active on the drawing tab overflow menu.


    The new CUTBASE command copies selected objects to the Clipboard, along with a specified base point, and removes them from the drawing.

    Polyline Extend

    A new grip option, Extend Vertex, adds a new vertex to your polyline extending from the selected end grip. You no longer have to reverse the polyline direction.

    MLEADER Enhancement

    The MLEADER command now has an option to select an existing mtext object to use for the new leader.

    Quality Improvements

    • Project Task List: Visibility settings of the installation or location details are now honoured in the IEC workflows.
    • Trim Wire: The wire number now clears when the associated wire is trimmed.
    • Panel Terminals: Rating values persist in panel terminals when assigned from the TEXTVALUE field of the catalog database.
    • Command Line: Accelerator keys now work for AEWIRE and AECABLEMARKER when clicking from the command line.
    • Components: The CNT value is now synchronised between schematic and panel components.
    • System Variable: The value that's set in FILEDIA no longer changes to 0 automatically.
    • General: AutoCAD Electrical now starts without an error after the localized version of Microsoft® Office is updated.

    Additional Enhancements

    • Insert Block: The Block Redefine dialog box provides an option to rename a block when the specified block name already exists in the drawing.
    • Options Dialog Box: A new task dialog prompts you to either save or discard the changes made when you attempt to close or cancel the Options dialog box.
    • Isolation Mode: The object selection is now maintained when you exit isolation mode.
    • New Drawing: Hovering over the New drop-down on the Start tab, displays a tooltip with the name of the drawing template file that will be used.
    • Customer Error Reporting (CER): Your email address is now automatically filled in when an error report is generated.
    • Multi-core Background Publishing: The publish option "Include Hyperlinks" is now supported when publishing a Multi-sheet PDF file using background publishing.