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    By Gary Mann

    An often-overlooked tool which has many “not so obvious” uses. Full marks if you are currently aware of all features of this handy tool, otherwise “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I have added my comments below.


    Info Box is on by default. If it has been closed, use <Display>Info Box>. Best parked in the ribbon zone, away from the project plan view.


    1. Building Orientation. This arrow indicates the North direction and is set during the set-up wizard. Change or edit using <Edit>General>Project Details>
    2. Not so obvious is the shortcut to view or re-set “Ortho Angle” Click anywhere inside the Orientation circle and refer to the text in the lower left-hand corner. Otherwise use function key F3 or View>Miscellaneous>Ortho Angle.
    3. DXF File Manager. Quick access simply by clicking anywhere on the vertical Floor Level indicator or Tools>Manage DXF.
    4. Floor Level indicator. A fast visual check of the current floor. Can also use the text entry reference display in lower right-hand side (input by user during setup).
    5. The current Zoom is indicated visually here. Can be used to pan by dragging blue square, but I prefer panning using the mouse or the F11 key.

    Thanks for looking. Drop me a line if you have any questions?         gary.mann@cadline.co.uk