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    By John Flanagan


    New Features

    Five days ago, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2023. To access the latest enhancements, click the learning tab on the Start-Up screen and watch the AutoCAD New Features Overview video. You can also click the What’s new tab for new features documentation.


    One interesting new feature is the Cut Base Tool.


    The new CUTBASE command copies selected objects to the Clipboard, along with a specified base point, and removes them from the drawing.

    1. Click Home tab > Clipboard panel > Cut with Base Point. 
    2. Specify the base point on the drawing.
    3. Select the objects you want to cut and press Enter.

    Use PASTECLIP to specify the insertion point when pasting the objects into other drawings.

    Other new features include Markup Import & Markup Assist, Macro Advisor, Count, Command Line in Floating Windows, Drawing and Layout Tabs, Cut Base and Polyline Extend.