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    By John Flanagan


    Keyboard Shortcuts – Assign Key Sequences to Tools

    Many Revit tools have predefined keyboard shortcuts. You can change most of these keyboard shortcuts and add your own key combinations.

    First, we need to find the User Interface Options. There are two ways to do this. Click the file tab and click Options. Under the User Interface tab, you will see the Keyboard Shortcuts option. Click Customise to open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialogue box.


    The second option is via the View tab, on the Ribbon. Click on the User Interface button and select Keyboard Shortcuts from the dropdown list.


    An even simpler method is to type KS and then press enter. Once the Keyboard Shortcuts dialogue box opens you can assign any Keyboard shortcut to any Revit command.


    In the example shown here you can see some of the default shortcuts in Revit. The default PP shortcut for Properties allows you to toggle the Properties palette off and on. You can assign a similar two key shortcut entry for the project browser so that you can toggle it off and on as well. Being able to toggle the Properties palette and the Project Browser off and on is very useful when you want more model space.

    The best way to decide which shortcuts to assign is to take note of your most common/repetitive commands. One useful shortcut to keep in mind is VV for the visibility graphics overrides dialogue box.

    Tip:  You can Import and export your shortcuts as a .xml file. That way, when you update to a later version of Revit (for example), you can easily import and begin using your well learned Revit keyboard shortcuts again.