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    By John Flanagan


    Creating a Perspective Floor Plan in Revit

    In Revit you have several options on how to present your model. You can present it in 2D floor plans, elevations, reflected ceiling plans or sections. For a final presentation you can show your model in 3D, but what about a perspective floor plan like the image below?


    Duplicate and rename the default {3D} view. Call it 3D Ground Floor – Perspective. Now you can orientate to this view via the view cube.

    Creating a Perspective Floor Plan

    Right-click the Home icon on the view cube and choose Orient to View from the menu. You have options to orient the 3D view to a floor plan, elevation, section or another 3D view. Select Floor Plans, then the floor plan that you want to use.


    By default, the Orthographic view orientation is set. To convert your ground floor plan to a perspective orientation, select Perspective from the contextual menu.


    Note: If you lock and save the orientation of this view you will be able to add tags.

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