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    By Gary Mann


    Inserting valves has always been possible in all programs, but it was decided to add to the range of valves in both Piping and Public Health and include a range of popular fittings such as gauges and sleeves, which although may not add to the resistance of the system, enables additional items to be included on the output drawings. Valves that were included in previous programs will be converted to the current type but retain the same symbol as before. If the project is upgraded, it is wise to create a zipped 2021 backup, via the Utilities Menu before saving and upgrading as a 2022 release.


    When a 2021 CYC is opened in 2022 for the first time, go to Piping then PH, or PH then Piping and Save whilst in each. This will update the program correctly.

    If you do not visit both Piping and PH when both types of systems are present and “Save,” a valid DXF may not result when Exporting via the DXF Plot program.

    Preview Window - This displays the symbol selected from the “Dropdown List” orientated with the flow entering on the left-hand side of the preview. If the flow is from the right-hand side, you should tick the “Flip Symbol” checkbox, see above. Can also be used to improve layout by avoiding overlap with a parallel valve.


    Manufacturer, Part No. and weight do not need to be entered, but will be output as attributes in any DXF output. Water content of the Valve of fitting is assumed to be the same as a straight pipe passing through.