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    By David Crowther


    Did You Know?

    Using DynamicAIM you can view any number of Socio, Economic and Deprivation datasets e.g. Indices of Deprivation, Economic Ranking, Employment Statistics and Crime Data.


    DynamicAIM provides a fully interactive interface to view and navigate to any of your organisation’s assets and their related documents and manuals. In addition, DynamicAIM has an embedded Map Viewer to show you the location of your Sites and Buildings.


    Using the mouse wheel you can then pan around and zoom into the map to view any Site or Building.


    Firstly, you may want to use the Basemap Picker tool to change the basemap to aerial imagery.


    To view any additional map layers, choose the ARROW icon from the left-hand side of the map and the Show Layers panel opens.


    In this example we have a Header called Index of Multiple Deprivation, which when clicked on will open a list of other datasets that you can choose to view. e.g. Indices of Deprivation, Economic Ranking, Employment Statistics, Health and Crime Data.


    To view any of these socio-economic datasets simply tick the box to the left of each layer name e.g. the Indices of Deprivation and immediately the chosen dataset is added to the map. See how the range of blue colours (dark to light) represent how deprived an area is when compared to all other locations.


    If you click on the Data Layer Name in the left-hand panel, an Opacity Slider tool will appear, allowing you to make the data translucent so you can view the deprivation indices and see the basemap below more clearly.


    Left clicking on any area within the map will then show you a bubble with the statistics associated to that location. Here we can see the area shown in the darkest blue, has an IMDRANK of 3407, and so fits into the first range of dark blue values – which are ranked the most deprived.


    There are lots of other socio-economic layers available, including, Employment Ranks


    Educational Attainment –


    Health Statistics –


    .. and Crime Patterns –


    DynamicAIM therefore allows you to view socio-economic and deprivation related data that may affect your existing Site and Building locations. These datasets may also be useful if you are looking to choose between prospective planned new Site locations.



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