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    By Martin Phelps

    The “Offset” command can be used to either create parallel or concentric copies of the selected object.

    If a “Line” is selected, the “Offset” command will produce a parallel copy at a specified distance from the original, as shown in Figure 1.


    Note: - The “Blue” “Line” is the originally selected object, with the “Black” line being the created “Offset”. By default, once the “Offset” distance is confirmed both objects take on the properties of the original selection.

    If an “Arc”, “Circle”, “Rectangle” or “Polygon” is selected, a larger or small object is created depending on the side of “Offset”. The effects of applying the “Offset” function both inside and outside to a “Circle” and a “Rectangle” are shown in Figure 2.


    The selected object is again highlighted in “Blue”.

    When “Offsetting” a “Polyline”, the created object will be paralel to the original, as shown in Figure 3.




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