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    By David Crowther

    Cadline is pleased to announce that in MapThat 5.3.7 and onwards we have updated the Temporal Slider tool to work alongside an Area Search.


    Using the MapThat > Temporal Slider tool you can choose a point layer e.g. incidents and then Filter On:

    • a subcategory e.g. Glass or Litter incidents
    • and then apply a temporal filter e.g. day of week, month or year

    In this example we are showing the Glass/Litter incidents that were reported on a Wednesday.


    Now, the Temporal Slider tool has been updated to work in conjunction with the Area Search tool – so you can also apply a spatial filter to your incident layer. To do this simply tick the Filter With Area Search box and then choose the Go to Area Search button to create your spatial filter.


    In the Area Search tool, you can now create the buffer as required e.g. create:

    • a radial buffer from one location
    • a radial buffer from many locations
    • a buffer along a line or many lines
    • or even simply draw your own polygon shape in the map

    In this example we have chosen a location in the map and applied a 200-meter buffer.


    By pressing the APPLY Area Search button the incidents in the map are now additionally filtered to only show the Glass/Litter incidents reported on Wednesday that are within 200 metres of the chosen location!


    You can also return to the Temporal Slider Tool and untick the Use an Area Search option, to then show all the filtered incidents without applying the buffer.


    Or re-tick the Filter with Area Search to then re-apply the buffer as needed.


    Finally , in the Temporal Slider tool you can change the Incident Type and Day of Week/Month or Year and if you press Apply, with the Area Search still utilised, you will find the new incident types e.g. Graffiti in Year 2018, within the same 200 metre buffer!


    This is a great enhancement to the MapThat > Temporal Slider Tool and will enable your users to apply both Temporal (Day, Month, Year) as well as spatial queries at the same time. Truly implementing high-end desktop GIS functionality in an intuitive webGIS!