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    By David Wren

    For some projects, electrical engineers, system designers and architects label sub mains cables with number references e.g. 1, 2..274 etc. More commonly, the cable labeling system used is to adopt the reference of the downstream board or load they are connected to.

    New in MEPworx 2022 is a function that will take care of this for you.

    When adding new sub mains cables, they will now automatically adopt the reference of the downstream item they are supplying. This can be particularly useful when using long or complex board references. In the example below, a new board has been added with the reference ES4M/1/1G/1/3/4, which is not something you would want to enter repeatedly when feeding additional downstream boards or loads.


    You can see that for the new sub mains cable being added, the reference has been automatically picked up from the reference of the board it is being connected to.

    This new function is controlled by the Default Editor for the Wiring program, which is accessed from the MEPworx front screen via the Utilities tab.


    In the options for the Wiring program, there is an entry, UseLoadref4Cables which is set to ‘1’ (For this item, 1 = On, 0=Off.).


    While the Default is left as ‘1’ (On), any new sub mains cables being added in Wiring will automatically adopt the reference of the board or load it is being connected to.

    If for any reason, you wish to use a different referencing system for the sub mains cables, changing this setting from ‘1’ to ‘0’ (remembering to ‘Save’ the changes before closing the Default Editor), will result in sequential numbers being used for new cables’ references.

    Please note, changing this setting will only affect the auto-referencing of any new sub mains cables being added. It will not change any existing cable references.