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    By John Flanagan


    Wall location lines are important when drawing walls in Revit.


    When placing a wall, set the wall location line on the options bar or the properties palette.


    As shown in the previous illustration the location line has six positions:

    • Wall Centreline (the default)
    • Core Centreline (the centre of the defined core of the wall)
    • Finish Face: Exterior
    • Finish Face: Interior
    • Core Finish: Exterior
    • Core Finish: Interior

    Think of the wall location line as the line which the wall is drawn upon. The thickness of the wall is positioned relative to this location line. The wall location line gives us control over the position of the wall when its width changes.


    Three examples of wall placement location are illustrated above. In each example the intersection of the vertical and horizontal grid lines is selected as the start point.