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    By David Wren

    In keeping with on-going development regarding new and updated CPD DBs (Circuit Protective Device Databases), we are pleased to announce a new and updated CPD DB from Hager.


    The new “Hager 2022_18th” CPD DB contains data for the latest ranges of breakers and isolation switches as listed below:

    • P160 SP devices HDS/HHS Thermal Magnetic 18/25kA
    • P160 range HHS/HNS/HMS/HES Thermal Magnetic, Magnetic only, LSnI, LSI, Energy ranges 25kA to 70kA
    • P250 range HHT/HNT/HMT/HET  Thermal Magnetic, Magnetic only, LSnI, LSI, LSIG, Energy ranges 25kA to 70kA
    • P630 range HNW/HEW/HPW  LSI, LSIG, Energy ranges 40kA to 110kA
    • X630 range HHJ/HNJ/HMJ/HEJ  Thermal Magnetic, LSnI  25kA to 70kA
    • Added Distribution Board Isolation Switches 63 – 630A


    Electrical engineers wanting to design a distribution incorporating a Hager Switch Panel fitted with the new P160, P250 or P630 breakers, can now do so in the MEPworx Wiring program.

    This updated version of the Hager CPD DB (Hager 2022_18th.DBZ) is included in the MEPworx 2022 software.