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    By David Crowther

    Cadline is pleased to announce that in MapThat 5.3.7 and onwards you can now identify and search for a what3words location.


    The DynamicMaps WebGIS – MapThat – now allows users to search for and identify a what3words location.

    Identify a what3words location -

    Using the MapThat > Map Location tool if you click within the map window, the Identify what3words window will now reveal the 3-word location for the point at which you clicked.


    This is particularly useful when trying to identify a rural location, as this may not have an addressable object.

    For example, if you click on a field in the map, the google address won’t be very specific as there are no addressable objects there… however the new what3words address gives you the full 3-word location – which you can then pass to a colleague or a field engineer so that they can more easily find a site or asset.


    Search for a what3words location -

    The newly updated Map Location tool also allows you to type a what3words location to then navigate the user to that address.

    In the Identify Coordinates section of the Map Location tool, choose the what3words radio button and then type (or simply copy and paste) your what3words address.

    Here we will use the what3words website to identify the what3words location for Big Ben - clean.wider.both


    If we now copy and paste the what3words address - clean.wider.both – into the Identify Coordinates > W3W window and press the GO arrow, MapThat will then navigate to the specified what3words location.


    This is a great enhancement to the MapThat > Map Location tool and will enable your users to find their location more easily and to identify assets in the field.



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