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    By Dennis Collin



    Curtain Wall types are just one type of wall system inside Revit, instead of solid materials used in Basic and Stacked Walls, Curtain panels work on a grid system. Curtain wall panel types are typically punctuated with mullion profiles at intervals and at corners. However, sometimes it is desired to have the panels mitre directly on a corner without a frame. As panels do not mitre by default, this can result in either a gap or overlap at Curtain Wall corners. (As per Fig. 1 & 3)


    To get a clean corner joint, a wall family can be created with the same parameters as the curtain panel e.g. Glass at a 25mm thickness.


    Once created the wall family can be applied as a panel infill either within the Curtain Wall style or as a panel override as appropriate.


    The Match Type Properties function is an ideal command to change panel types within a Curtain Wall System. Revit is as much about the data of the element as the drawing. Once applied to the wall style, the wall properties show that for scheduling, display and tagging purposes, the wall is classified as a panel.