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    By David Crowther


    Did You Know?

    Using DynamicAim you can view any asset and order spare parts.


    DynamicAIM provides a fully interactive interface to view and navigate to any of your organisation’s assets.

    Having found your asset e.g. a Hot Water Pump …. all the documents and videos related to that Asset will be listed to the right. In this example there are O&M Manuals, a BIM Model, a Commissioning Report and options for ordering spares


    …. for the Plant Room Spares we can view them in either Dynamic View or Full Screen View.

    In Full Screen, we can view the Asset in 3D…


    .. where we can zoom into and spin the Asset around for a better view.


    By left clicking on any part of that Asset, we can view that component within the Parts Catalog on the right. In this example we have chosen the Pressure Gauge.


    If any spare parts are needed for the Hot Water Pump e.g. the Pressure Gauge needs replacing, then simply add an item to the Shopping Trolley.


    If you view the Shopping Basket, you can add or remove Spare Parts as needed.


    Here we have added the Motor, as we need to replace this also.


    Once the Spare Parts are chosen, simply choose Order and the request for those spare parts is passed to your online ordering system.

    Using DynamicAIM means you can view any of your assets online and even using a tablet while onsite. You can then choose the parts within that asset and order any spare parts as you find they need replacing. This seamless integration with your purchasing system ensures that you can order the correct parts as soon as they are needed.



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