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    By John Flanagan


    Visibility States

    Use Visibility States in the Dynamic Blocks Editor to combine several different blocks into one. In the following example, four visibility states have been assigned to a fire extinguisher.


    Create Blocks That You Want to Combine

    Four Fire Extinguisher blocks are created and colour coded for four different fire types.


    Create A Visibility State for Each Block

    Create an empty block called Fire Extinguishers and tick the Open in Block Editor box.


    When the following message appears, click continue.


    In the Block Editor, insert the Water fire extinguisher. Click the Visibility tab in the Block Authoring Palette and place the Visibility 1 parameter near the Water Extinguisher block. In the Visibility Panel click Visibility States and in the Visibility States dialogue box rename Visibility State 0 to Extinguisher – Water.


    Repeat the previous step. Create a new Visibility State – Extinguisher – CO2. Select the Hide all existing objects in new state option.


    Now you have a new Visibility State. Insert Extinguisher CO2 into the Block Editor.

    Create Visibility States for the remaining extinguishers – Dry Powder and Foam. Remember to select the Hide all existing objects in the new state option.


    Note: When inserting the blocks into the block editor select 0,0 as the insertion point. Close the block editor and save the changes. You will now have a block that allows you to switch between different Visibility States.