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    By Garry Stockton

    If you use 3ds Max as part of your CGI or presentation media and need to use existing data in Navisworks, you will have to export the content as a FBX file. Following the simple steps below will allow you to place the geometry within the application for further development.

    Once you have the desired view/scene, go to Export – pick FBX.


    In the FBX Options dialog box, select the Enable check box in the Polygon Limiting area to restrict the amount of geometry exported into the output file.

    Geometry is selected based on taking the most obvious objects in preference to the fine detail. If the exported file is too large, try enabling this feature and reducing the number of polygons. Clicking the Home tab, sliding out the Project panel and clicking Scene Statistics in Navisworks shows the number of triangles and lines in the current project. By setting a polygon limit you are choosing to export only some of these items.


    Select the desired options in the Include area:

    • Select this check box to include textures in the FBX file.
    • Select this check box to include lights in the FBX file.
    • Select this check box to include cameras in the FBX file.

    Then, select the desired Advanced Options for the FBX file:

    • Convert Units To. Specifies the units that are used in exported FBX file.
    • FBX File Format. Adjusts the format of exported FBX file (for example, ASCII).
    • FBX File Version. Selects the version of exported FBX file (for example, FBX201100).