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    By Garry Stockton

    When using FormIt Pro, it’s common knowledge that you can import Revit families into your project, but did you know that a FormIt content library was available?


    This is a great feature and underused by FormIt users. The Content Library is a visual list of FormIt models ready to be dropped into your design. There are so many great uses for this feature, I want to cover a few and illustrate how to do this yourself!

    The Content Library is useful because you can start a new project fast with template basics like a material library, furniture library and entourage library of trees and people.

    So, how do you make a great Content Library?

    Define the structure of your library! Create and organise your folders by project, or by category, or both. Choose the visual style for the thumbnail preview. Display in colour, or monotone, with shadows, and a dramatic camera angle, zoom extents, then save.

    You can also obtain additional content quickly. FormIt uses the Revit Add-in to convert Revit Families to FormIt, then you can place these in your Content Library. See link below:

    FormIt Content Library

    Did you also know that you can Browse the SketchUp Warehouse, find what you want and then import into FormIt for Windows?