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    By John Flanagan


    Dynamic tooltips provide an alternative way to enter commands. When dynamic input is turned on, a tooltip displays dynamically updated information near the cursor. When a command is in progress, you can specify options and values in the tooltip text box.

    Control Dynamic Input Settings

    Click the Dynamic Input Icon on the status bar to toggle dynamic input on or off. The status bar is located in the lower right-hand corner of the user interface. If the Dynamic Input button is not visible, click customisation to add it to the status bar.


    Dynamic input has three components: cursor (pointer) input, dimension input, and dynamic prompts. Right-click the Dynamic Input button and choose Settings to control what is displayed by each component when dynamic input is turned on.


    Tip:  You can turn off dynamic input temporarily by holding down the F12 key while a command is active.

    Pointer Input

    When the cursor (pointer) input is on and a command is in progress, the coordinate location of the crosshairs is displayed in tool tip entry boxes near the cursor. You can enter coordinates in the tooltip instead of the command line.

    The default for second and subsequent points is relative polar coordinates. If you want to use absolute coordinates you can change the pointer input settings.


    Dynamic Prompts

    When dynamic prompts are on, prompts are displayed in a tooltip near the cursor. You can type a response in the tooltip instead of on the command line. Press the Down Arrow key to view and select options.