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    By Florentina Stirbu


    Autodesk has released the Vault 2022.2 Update. Alongside fixes (mostly focused on the Autodesk Viewer), this update introduces new features.

    Administration enhancements:

    Display name template for Windows Account – set a display name template to automatically populate the Display Name field for Windows account users.


    Import user updates – Administrators can now export user data to update user information in bulk, then import the changes.




    Model state enhancements:

    Added support to check Item Property for files with multiple model states assigned to multiple items.

    Thin Client enhancements:

    View Historical Versions and Revisions – users can now pick a historical version/revision to view. When sharing a link to a file with a historical version/revision, it will direct to that specific version/revision.


    Print from the Thin Client – printed views are now available in the thin client for all workspaces and object details.



    Download from the Thin Client – downloading a file is now more accessible as the download button has been added to all object details views. Previously, downloading a file or its visualisation (if there was an associated DWF) could only be done through the history tab of a file or from a workspace listing that file.

    2022.2 Thin client:


    Older versions:



    Please note that if the Thin Client was accessed on a device on an older version, the browser local cache will need to be cleared for the Thin Client version to update.