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    By Dennis Collin


    A common question I get asked is, can we copy schedule views from one project to another? This is useful when needing to maintain a consistency in presentation and avoids the task of creating a similar schedule from scratch. Especially with the case of custom schedules and those that include conditional formatting, formulas and filters.

    The answer is of course, yes, in fact there are a few ways this can be done. Firstly, copy and paste the Schedule view, within the project browser. Switch to the other file and paste the view type into that project (CTRL+V).


    Another option is to save the Schedule into a new project file, this option is located a few options below the Copy to Clipboard function on the context sensitive menu. Revit will then prompt the user for a filename and location.

    It is also possible to import a schedule view to the user’s current project. From a Plan view or similar (option is greyed out in a schedule view), select the Insert tab and choose ‘Insert from File’. This will allow the user to locate the target project and enable a range of views to be imported, including schedule views. Drafting Views, Reports and Sheets can also be transferred between projects with this command.