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    By Dennis Collin


    Whatever kind of drawings you work on in AutoCAD, it is inevitable that some commands will be used repeatedly.  Although commands can be repeated by clicking the icon again, typing in a keyboard shortcut or even pressing the repeat key Spacebar or Enter, there’s another way.

    This alternative can be achieved via the MULTIPLE command. This command is particularly useful in performing certain commands like inserting blocks or chamfering or filleting multiple entities.

    Simply type in at the command prompt:

    Multiple <Enter>

    followed by the command that needs to be repeated


    As well as typing options directly on the Command Line, Multiple can also be used with command line Macros in the CUI or the Tool Palette environment.

    In the example image below a tool palette command is configured to not only repeat the Fillet command, but also reset the radius to the typical default zero radius.


    Double ^C cancels the previous command with a “ “ (space character) to perform as an ‘Enter’ keystroke. The same string can be employed when customising the Ribbon menu with the CUI file.

    I recently wrote a post on customising the CUI file here. Although this should be only attempted by advanced AutoCAD users who have taken the usual precautionary measure of backing up their CUI first!



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