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    By Dennis Collin



    When working on AutoCAD drawings, Blocks and External Reference files (XREFS) are used to display existing elements or other components. These elements are effectively grouped together making individual elements difficult to access, but sometimes some elements need to be selected and copied into the main drawing for further modification. This is often achieved with the rather destructive Explode command. However, the Express tool, NCopy (or nested copy) provides a good alternative approach. Instead of exploding or binding an Xref, block or a DGN underlay to be able to copy objects nested within them, you can copy the selected objects directly into the current working drawing.


    Once the command is executed, users are prompted to select an object within an xref, block or underlay that you want to copy. A reference point and offset can then be specified, or elements can be left at their original position if required. Options for multiple copying, distribution patterns and the transfer of styles can also be set.


    Like with all Express Tools, Ncopy functionality is only in the full version of AutoCAD and is not available within AutoCAD LT.