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    By John Flanagan


    Place components quickly and accurately in 2D and 3D views with the new snap to mid-point functionality.

    Snap Overrides 

    This new feature is listed at the bottom of the Snap Settings dialogue box.        


    Use the temporary snap override to snap between two selected points. The override is accessed when placing a component, during sketching and while using Modify tools. To access the override, use the right-click context menu or the keyboard shortcut S2.

    Use Snaps to select a mid-point between two selected points.


    In the example below we want to place the table with four chairs component mid-way between the existing furniture. With the furniture component selected, right click, and hover your cursor over the Snap Overrides option. Next, select Snap mid between 2 points in the fly-out menu. Click on the mid-point on the table on the left and then click on the mid-point of the table on the right. During this process a mid-point symbol will appear temporarily indicating the position of the table and chairs. The result is shown in the second image below.


    This new function is like the shift/right-click – Mid between two points in AutoCAD and is a welcome new feature in Revit.