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    By Dennis Collin



    AutoCAD has had the ability to clip viewports with polylines since its 2000 release. However, a slight issue exists when trying to freeze the viewport layer where clipped viewports exist. If the layer of a non-rectangular layout viewport is frozen, the viewport is not clipped correctly. This can result in undesired graphics being shown within the title frame.


    The workaround is that if the viewport boundary needs to be hidden, users should turn off the layer of the nonrectangular viewport instead of freezing it. Alternatively, utilise the non-plottable switch so that the frame won’t be plotted but can be adjusted as required.


    A further workaround is to space model elements at some distance and utilise Named saved views. This will mean if the clipping is disabled the graphics are far enough apart that they won’t display in other viewports. This is not always possible so as a result I tend to recommend the former workaround of turning the layer off or making the viewports non-printable.