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    By Garry Stockton

    There are 3 different origin points in a Revit project:

    1. Project BasePoint
    2. Survey Point
    3. Internal Origin

    Below is a short description of each point:

    PROJECT BASE POINT: This point is used almost exclusively for internal purposes. It is used to place

    dimensions relative to the building. It is represented by a blue circle with a cross in the middle. It can also be used to set the angle difference between True North and Project North.


    SURVEY POINT: This is used to create a “shared coordinates” system amongst multiple linked Revit or CAD files. That means its location is most useful when exporting and importing files. It is usually placed relative to a real-world site element such as the intersection of 2 property lines or a geodetic marker.


    INTERNAL ORIGIN: This is a bit different. This point is invisible and cannot be moved. Most users don’t even know it exists. By default, importing or exporting a CAD or Revit file will be made relative to this point, therefore confusing many people.