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    By Martin Phelps

    Highlighting Blocks in the “Count” List

    Following previous blogs regarding the “Count” command, another useful function is that the “Count” panel allows the user to identify the “Blocks” within the drawing. Figure 1 shows a drawing containing several “Blocks” and the open “Count” panel.


    Selecting the “Block” in the “Count” panel will “Highlight” all the “Blocks” of that type in the drawing. To indicate the “Count” function is active, a thick “Blue Line” is now displayed around the viewport. All “Blocks” of the selected type are now “highlighted” in “Green”, with the “Count Menu Bar” displayed at the top of the “Viewport”, as shown in Figure 2.


    Not only is the number of the selected “Blocks” shown in the “Count” panel, but also in the “Menu Bar” at the top of the screen.

    Also in the “Menu Bar” are “Two Arrows” allowing the user to cycle between the “Highlighted” “Blocks”, each time one of these arrows are selected, AutoCAD “Zooms” to “Extents” of that block, as shown in Figure 3.


    To exit from the “Count” command, select the “Green Tick” at the right of the “Count” menu bar, “Zoom” extents is required to display the entire drawing.