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    By Florentina Stirbu


    It is very common for a company to have its own Content Centre content library, either for adding their own standard parts, or for editing existing content to make small adjustments.

    If you are saving a copy of an existing family to your own library, you may need to change the family template to add, remove or edit features. Replacing the existing family template with the edited version can be done by following the steps below:

    1. Open/create an assembly and place from Content Centre "As custom" 

      You will be prompted for the save name and location for the .IPT.

      Alternatively, use File -> Open -> Open from Content Centre -> Select the family and member “as custom” then choose the filename and save location.

    2. Open the part saved at step 1 and edit as needed. Save and close the part.
    3. Open the Content Centre editor and set the library filter to your custom library. Right click the family -> Replace template and select the part saved at step 2.
      Inventor will check if the selected part meets the criteria to be used as a family template. If an error is found in part parameters or parameter mapping, the original template will continue to be used. If the part is correct, the user will be prompted with a “publish successful” message box.