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    By Tina Stirbu


    An iPart or iAssembly member can be generated, which effectively creates a file with the respective configuration.

    This can be done manually by Right-clicking a member name -> Generate Files. A subfolder will be created in the location of the factory file and all members will be stored there.




    It is not always needed to generate all – when a member is placed in an assembly or referenced in a drawing, Inventor will automatically create a file for that specific member.

    However, in scenarios where all members are needed as local files, this process can be automated with an iLogic snippet. It can be very useful in factories with a lot of members.


    The code can be changed to add conditions so only specific members will be generated i.e. for the iPart below I only want to generate members with a length >1m, so I will get the code to check Item(2) as Length is the 2nd column in my iPart table.



    If I look at the local files generated, I will see that the code only picked up values equal to or greater than the length I needed.


    Both the iPart and iAssembly snippets are attached below (to generate all members, no conditions included).

    Inventor_-_Generate_iFactory_members__iLogic__-_9.PNG Inventor_-_Generate_iFactory_members__iLogic__-_9.PNG