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    By Garry Stockton

    A view list is a schedule of the views in a project.

    In a view list, you can sort and group views by type, level, sheet or other parameters. If desired, you can include view lists on sheets (see schedules on sheets.)

    View lists can help you to do the following:

    • Manage views in a project
    • Track the status of views
    • Ensure that important views display on sheets in the construction document set
    • Ensure that views are using consistent and appropriate settings

    You can use a view list to see and modify parameters for multiple views at once. For example, suppose you include the Detail Level and Scale parameters in a view list. From the view list, you can change the detail levels of selected views to coarse, medium or fine, or change view scales to use consistent settings. You can also change the view name or view title that displays on sheets. By using a view list in this way, you can identify and correct inconsistent view settings from one location.

    In a project, click View tab, go to the Create panel, select Schedules and drop-down, you’ll see View List at the bottom.


    To create user-defined fields, click Add Parameter.

    Specify the remaining schedule properties using the Filter, Sorting/Grouping, Formatting and Appearance tabs. See Specifying Schedule Properties.

    By default, all project views are included in the view list. Use the Filter tab to omit views from the list based on their properties and click OK.

    The resulting view list displays in the drawing area. In the Project Browser, it displays under Schedules/Quantities.