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    By Dennis Collin


    AutoCAD’s Section Plane tool provides the ability to create a 2D slice or 3D slice portion of a model. The command also provides the ability to work as a live section to diagnose the model and should the model change, the 2D or 3D section objects can be updated to reflect the changes.


    It is also possible to jog a section plane, to provide greater flexibility in how the section is displayed. However, it is not obvious on how to remove the jog element. No remove option is apparent on either the right-click menu or ribbon, but removing a Jog is quite easy to do once you know. It is all a matter of stretching the right Grip controls!

    Removing a jog is best achieved usually in a 2D view where tracking references can be easily acquired. Click and drag the blue square (not the blue triangular) grip and use tracking points to locate the end point to be in line with the original section plane line.


    Repeat the process for the other points until the section plane returns to its default state.




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