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    By David Crowther



    Why does the File Manager Tool show no records?


    In the MapThat Admin Forms, version 3.x onwards, there is now a File Manager tool which allows you to copy files to the MapThat server.

    However, if you click on the File Manager link from within the MapThat Admin Forms and find the page is blank…..


    there are 3 likely causes:

    1 -   Does the SDS_FILE_MANAGER table have a record setup?

    You will need a record in this table, as it stores the:

    • Folder Path – the actual folder to copy files to
    • Folder Name – a name to show the user when viewed in the File Manager tool
    • Folder Info – details about that folder e.g.. description
    • Exclude Files – files that cannot be uploaded e.g. .exe, .msi etc….
    • Allow Sub Folders – if the user can create a sub folder under this folder on the server


    2 -   Ensure the Application MapThat has been included within SADAS.

    Within the MapThat Admin Forms choose the > Administration Module and on the Applications tab ensure there is an Application Name record for MapThat.


    3 -   Ensure the MapThat Admin Forms user who is logging in, has the MapThat Application associated to their user.

    Within the MapThat Admin Forms choose the > Administration Module and on the User – Application Roles tab ensure the user has access to the MapThat Application. If they do not, then add the association. This then gives the user the rights to view and edit application components for MapThat e.g.  the File Manager tool.


    The next time that the user logs into the MapThat Admin Forms and opens the File Manager tool, they will now see the relevant FOLDER records, and have the options to create and edit new folder connections.




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