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    In MapThat how can you create image icons for the Layers Panel?


    MapThat allows you to show any suitable icon/image in the Layers Panel. The icon chosen should try and represent the map features being displayed.

    e.g. Schools


    Flood Zones


    Below are the steps on how I create new image icons. However – I am not a graphic designer… so there may be better ways of creating your images! 😊

    • Use Paint or Paint3D
    • Open.(Drag and drop) an existing icon that is like the one you want to create.
    • Choose the Colour Picker to choose the existing colour as Colour 1 (brown).



    • We will use this to change anything with Colour 1 (brown) to Colour 2.
    • Next choose your Colour 2 style before we apply it.


    • We will use the Eraser to change the style from Colour 1 (Brown) to Colour 2 (Pink).
    • To do this, you need to make a duplicate copy of the icon on top of itself – to do this: Choose
      • Control A (Select All)
      • Control C (Copy)
      • Control V (Paste)
      • and then left click into the page


    • Then use the ERASER icon to change COLOUR 1 to COLOUR 2 – simply right click in the image with the ERASER active and draw over the image, a box will change the Brown to Pink.


    • To change a bigger area, use Control + to make the Eraser size bigger and keep right clicking and moving over the image.
    • When finished, Save As to a new PNG file.


    • You could also change the colour of the fill by selecting the Colour Picker and assigning Colour 1 as the middle white.
    • Then select a Colour 2 – e.g. light pink.
    • Then use the eraser and right click to colour the white Area as Light Pink.



    • When finished, Save As to a new PNG file.


    And there you go!... you too can now create images and icons for your MapThat layers.