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    By Dennis Collin


    Polylines are very useful objects in drawings as they can provide useful information like perimeter length and areas. The shape of a polyline can be edited with the Edit Polyline command (PEDIT) but there is a alternate method using AutoCAD graphical control points (Grips) This is more popular for users who want to focus on the screen rather than the legacy command prompt environment.


    This method is much easier to insert new vertices as the segment can be selected directly rather than cycling through vertex options within the Pedit command. Click on the flat control point in the middle of a segment and use the control key to cycle between stretching, adding a vertex or convert to an arc. If the polyline element needs to be continued, click on the last control grip of the element and cycle to the add vertex option.

    It is worth noting that hatch boundary elements can be amended in the same way as polylines, even if the original hatch defining boundary has been removed.


    Vertices can be removed in the same way as adding them, simply toggle the edit mode with the ‘Ctrl’ key. Once the edits are complete, save or Regen the drawing to see the change on the text field entity.