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    By Florentina Stirbu


    A hole table lists information for holes in a model based on user selection. The table can include only selected holes, holes related to a specific hole feature, or all available hole features in a drawing view. Each feature is tagged in the selected view and each tag is assigned a row in the table.

    Any updates to the model or hole features will be reflected in the table.

    To format the data in an individual table, the editor can be accessed via right click -> Edit Hole Table... or double click on the hole table.


    Then, by right clicking the relevant property row, the format menu can be accessed. Any changes will apply to this instance of the table only.


    Permanent changes can be made within the style library. Right click on the table -> Edit hole table style... will launch the Style Library manager, hole table section. Right click the relevant property row ->Format... will open the format dialog.


    I.e., the precision of the XDIM and YDIM can be adjusted. When editing is complete, OK -> Save.


    The DESCRIPTION column in a hole table follows the formatting defined in the Hole Note section of the Style library. In the Object defaults, users can identify the Object Style is used for hole notes and then make the necessary edits to that object style – or change the Hole Note to use a different Object style.



    To save changes to the library, Right click the hole table style (and the dimension style used by the hole note) -> Save to library. This is only available if the style library used is read-write.