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    By John Flanagan

    The Shaft Opening tool creates a vertical opening that spans multiple levels, cutting through intervening roofs, floors, and ceilings.


    • Click Architecture / Structure tab > Opening panel.
    • Sketch a shaft opening by drawing lines or by picking walls.


    You typically sketch the shaft on a host element (such as a floor) in a plan view.

    By default, the Base Constraint for the shaft is the level of the current activated plan view.


    When you are done sketching the shaft, click finish opening.

    To adjust the levels that the opening cuts, select it, and make the following adjustments on the Properties palette:

    • For Base Constraint, specify a level for the start point of the shaft.
    • For Top Constraint, specify a level for the end point of the shaft.

    Shaft Opening Constraints


    • Click Apply

    The shaft now cuts through and is visible on all intermediate levels as illustrated below.


    Use the shaft tool to quickly cut service shafts and stairwells.