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    By Martin Phelps

    Once a “Table” has been added to a drawing, additional “Rows” and/or “Columns” may require adding to the “Table”, giving additional information relating to the items within the “Table”. Figure 1 shows a basic “Table” that has been added to a drawing using the “Count” command, new to AutoCAD 2022.


    To add a “Row” above the “Column” descriptions to give the “Table” a title, select a “Cell” in the “Top Row” since the new “Cell” will be placed above the selected “Cell” as shown in Figure 2.


    Right mouse click to display the “Right Click” menu as shown in Figure 3.


    From the menu select “Rows” and “Insert Above” as shown in Figure 4.


    This will add a new “Row” above the selected “Cell”, as shown in Figure 5.


    To “Merge” the two top “Cells” above the “Column Headers”, select both “Cells” by either a “Crossing Window” or hold down the “Shift” key and select both” Cells”. 

    “Right Mouse” click to display the “Right Click” menu and select “Merge”, the selected “Cells” are now joined, as shown in Figure 6.


    Note: - If only one “Cell” is selected, the “Merge” option is “Greyed” out.

    “Double Click” in the “Cell” to add text as shown in Figure 7.


    Note: - “Rows” can be added either above or below the selected “Cell”, or the entire “Row” can be “Deleted”.