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    By Dennis Collin


    3ds Max is so full of features it is easy to miss new or updated ones. 3ds Max supports the import of many formats including Sketchup, SKP files.

    Some new import options include Trimble Sketchup files. Additional options are available to skip the import of hidden element imports and to preserve layer information as seen in the import dialogue below.


    Working with Max Scenes has been improved with faster save operations including Autoback/autosave and hold / fetch operations.

    In the latest 2022.1 update a new Restore to Factory Settings button has been added to the General Preferences tab to let you restore 3ds Max default settings from within the software, if users experience unexpected UI behaviour or performance issues. Additionally, on launch, if 3ds Max detects that initialisation has been corrupted in a way that prevents it from launching, a Startup Failure Detection window now appears. The dialog can be ignored and users can continue without restoring. However, if 3ds Max continues to fail on startup, the restore dialogue will repeat the option of a system restore.