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    By Garry Stockton

    Did you know once you have exported your Revit Model as a NWC file there is a tool called SwitchBack?

    SwitchBack enables you to select an object in Autodesk Navisworks and then locate and zoom into the same object in a native CAD package. You can use the Switchback functionality with Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Inventor Professional and MicroStation-based CAD products (V8i).

    Note: The native CAD package must be installed on the same machine as Autodesk Navisworks for SwitchBack to work.


    Switchback between Navisworks and Revit.

    Open Revit in the same version you used for exporting out the NWC to Navisworks.

    Click on Add-Ins tab > External Tools > Navisworks SwitchBack to enable it.

    In Navisworks Manage, Clash Detective window, on the Results tab, click the SwitchBack button.

    Revit will load the relevant project, find and select the item and zoom to it. If SwitchBack was unsuccessful with the selected object and you receive an error message, try selecting further up the Selection Tree in Autodesk Navisworks.

    Note: If you try to use SwitchBack and the RVT file is not in the same location as when it was saved, a dialog box will appear asking you to browse to the RVT file. When using SwitchBack for the first time to load a Revit file, a 3D view based on the chosen projection view mode is created in Autodesk Navisworks. The next time SwitchBack is used to load a Revit file, the same projection view mode loads, unless the projection view mode is changed in Autodesk Navisworks.