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    By James Philip


    The Configurator allows the creation or editing of the Model Checker files (See Fig 1).

    Once launched the dialogue box shown in fig 2 appears.


    After selecting open the following dialogue box appears (fig 3). This allows the selection of existing configuration files, and they are listed in the bottom portion of the dialogue box. (See fig 4).



    Choose the Cobie Extension Validation file and select OK (Fig 5).


    The General Settings page reappears populated with the information on the file to be edited (Fig 6).


    Select the Checkset Structure and Organisation Button. This allows the editing of the individual checks listed in the Checkset File. (Fig 7).


    In this example the Field Formatting, Type, CreatedOn. Which will be edited to have a UK date format. (Fig 8)


    Select the Duplicates this check button to the right of the CreatedOn Listing. It is always safer to duplicate the Check to be edited and then edit the copy, as if for any reason it doesn’t work the original is unchanged. This environment is also useful to remove not needed checks like OmniClass and Uniclass 1.4 (Fig 9). Select the edit button on the copied check.


    After selection, the following dialogue box appears. (Fig 10)


    Edit the Name, Description and Failure Message to reflect the changes to be made. Also edit the Field Value Setting to change the code so that it is in UK date format (Fig 11).


    The code should read as follows:-


    This is the Day-Month-Year format, followed by the time, Hours-Minutes-Seconds. Once completed Saveas with a different title ready for use in the Model Checker Setup. (Fig 12)