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    By Florentina Stirbu


    Vault offers a few pre-defined revision schemes. It is possible to create additional schemes and customise existing ones, but most commonly the standard alphabetic and standard numeric schemes are used.

    Recently I had a support request where a customer could not change state on a released file which was at revision 99. Transitioning it to Work in Progress would have bumped the revision, which was not possible as there were no remaining values in the revision scheme.


    The Default Numeric scheme format hold revision values from 1 to 99. If this format is in use, it cannot be edited.

    More values can be added to a revision scheme by following the steps below:

    1. Using the Vault Client, access Tools-> Administration -> Vault settings -> Behaviours tab -> Revisions... and select the revision scheme that needs to be extended.
    2. Check the primary scheme format and create a copy of it. Scheme formats currently in use cannot be edited.

    3. Rename the new format and add in values as needed.

    4. Set the new format as primary (also as secondary and/or tertiary if needed).




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