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    By John Flanagan

    Use anti-aliasing to improve the quality of lines in project views. Apply the setting globally to affect all views in your project, or apply it to individual views when required.


    As an example, you may want to enable anti-aliasing so that curves and sketchy lines display smoothly, with a less jagged appearance.

    Enable anti-aliasing for selected views

    1. Click File tab > Options.
    2. On the Graphics tab, select Smooth lines with anti-aliasing.
    3. Select Allow control for each view in the Graphic Display Options dialogue box.
    4. For each view where you want to use anti-aliasing, on the View Control Bar, click Visual Style > Graphic Display Options. In the dialog, select Smooth lines with anti-aliasing.

    Enable anti-aliasing for all views

    1. Click File tab > Options, and click the Graphics tab.
    2. Select Smooth lines with anti-aliasing.
    3. Select Use for all views (control for each view is disabled).