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    By John Flanagan


    Adding Views to a Sheet

    There are several ways to add views to a sheet in Revit. You can drag and drop any View/Schedule/Legend from the Project Browser onto a sheet.

    Drag and Drop Views


    As you move the cursor over the sheet in the drawing area, a viewport for the selected view moves with it. Click to place the viewport in the desired location.

    If needed, you can modify the individual views on the sheet as follows:

    • To change the view title that displays on the sheet, double-click the title and edit it.
    • To move the view to a new location on the sheet, select its viewport and drag it.

    Another approach is to use the Place View button under Sheet Composition on the View Tab.


    In the views dialogue, select a view and click Add View to Sheet.


    You could also create a keyboard shortcut (PV) to open the same Views dialogue box. Type KS to open the keyboard shortcuts dialogue box. In the search bar type in Place View and assign the keyboard shortcut as shown.