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    By Florentina Stirbu


    When performing a search in Vault, the number of results displayed is determined by the paging size. The default value is 100, but when working with large batches of files it can be very time consuming to select 100 files at a time.


    The number of files displayed per page can vary from 25 to 1000. If changing this value in a multi-site environment, it will be applied to all sites.

    To configure the paging, log into the ADMS console then access the Tools -> Administration section.


    Go to the Advanced Settings tab and select Paging... then set the desired page size.


    Large paging sizes used to have a negative impact on server performance, but this tends to be minimal on newer, more powerful severs. The page size value can be changed anytime and takes immediate effect, so it can be increased or lowered as needed.