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    By Dennis Collin


    Although the latest version of AutoCAD is the 2022 release, Autodesk still provide updates to older AutoCAD versions. In this instance an update has been provided for AutoCAD 2019 in response to customer error reports of crashing when using the Wblock command, plotting out to PDF and opening files in certain situations. As well as fixing the PDF plotting issue, the update also addresses some problems with the display of certain linetypes, user defined characters and plotting multiple drawings as a background process.

    For a complete list of issues addressed go here: https://up.autodesk.com/2019/ACD/AutoCAD_2019.1.3_Update_Readme_Enu.html

    Once the update has been applied the AutoCAD version should display as; ‘Product Version: P172.0.0 AutoCAD 2019.1.3’