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    By Florentina Stirbu


    The 2022 release of Inventor brought a new feature following an Idea station post : Constraint status.

    This allows users to choose to display an icon next to assembly components in the model browser to indicate their constraint status:

      Inventor_2022_-_Constraint_status_-_4.PNG - fully constrained

      Inventor_2022_-_Constraint_status_-_5.PNG- underconstrained

      Inventor_2022_-_Constraint_status_-_6.PNG - status unknown

    Performing a rebuild on the assembly should resolve the unknown status and display the correct icon (under or fully constrained). “Rebuild all” can be found under the Manage tab-> Update panel:


    However, there have been reports of inconsistencies with the constraint status icons. This is currently being investigated by the development team, but a workaround is enabling relationship redundancy in Application Options (this is disabled by default).

    When this box is ticked, Inventor performs a secondary analysis which checks for redundant relationships and analyses all component degrees of freedom (which is skipped when the box is cleared).


    Any updates are to be published in this article.